Time To Think

To complement my Art Therapy training and strengthen my work with adults, I embarked on a personal journey with Time To Think in 2010. I became an accredited Thinking Environment Facilitator in January 2012 and a Coach in January 2013.

Time To Think is based on ten components, the essential ingredients to Thinking Environment. These ten behaviours are generative; ten ways of being that have the most powerful effect in igniting the best independent thinking in people. These are natural elements, simple, but that is the reason that it does work, because of the pureness of the basic core of Time To Think. Usually the best solution can be found in the Thinker’s own mind, and the Listener sets up the conditions for them to find and develop it. In this way the listening is catalytic.

This training has been invaluable for me in both my personal and professional life.

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I have now developed Art Coaching which is a combination of Art Therapy with Time To Think coaching, a technique that offers the best of both practices.